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Dear Izabela, dear Julia,

Om namah shivahe !

Thank You again For having me On such a Short notice yesterdays evening.
Well, what can I say. Sometimes words are Not strong enough...
It was the perfect dance of shakti with shiva. Julia was/ is awesome...very sensitive, lovely, beautiful, passionate, natural,...
For It Has been My second Session Ever, It was a delightful and intensive yogic experience. I still Feel The energy and The Vibration floating through My Body.

So from My heart thanks again Julia. I am happy To Come again, when i am around next Time.
All The Best To Both of You



Dear Izabela,
Encountering you is like entering a magical forest where time and space seem to dissolve. An immense energy field opens with each movement - from “tree to tree” and from touch to touch. Feeling you and myself going with the rhythm of the wind sweeping through the tree tops – a harmonious giving and receiving and a harmonious you and me - with tremendous intensity. It is a journey through the forest of self-awareness, of feeling yourself again and experiencing; like enlightening moments in the forest with the sun filtering through. Your touch creates powerful images of leaning against a mighty tree that strengthens and protects your own self with its roots and its crown flooded with light. Your touch creates an energetic picture of gentle wind gliding over the body and making it vibrate like leaves in the treetops.
You have the gift of the “magical forest” and you guide me through this heavenly world of self-awareness on the way to my own truth.
A heartfelt thank you!
Namaste Hartmut

Dear Izabela,
Just as melodic as your name sounds, your massage had a wonderful and profound effect on my whole being. Using the sensitivity of the pianist inside you, you knew how to reunite my body, spirit and soul. You made the energies, which had been engrained in one spot in my body and were causing disharmony, to develop flow in a wondrous way. I feel newly born since having your massage. Feeling, sensing and experiencing „here and now“ are now present in my consciousness every day. This leads to joy in life, easiness and heartiness, which can truly be called a flowing state. I am sooooo thankful for your gift. Keep your passion for your profession because it is your calling.
P.S. Continue living your dream and your life will be like a dream
Kindest regards


Hello Izabela,
Your devotion to feeling, your spiritual consciousness and your intellectual curiosity “light up” inside me; I am aware of them. I like them.
We are a sphere through which things happen. The same sphere and at the same time one for each other. The own Self has porous membranes. I am everything that happens within me - every thought and every feeling. In each of these forms I can sense the unity/profundity/emptiness inside me. And I am also everything that happens within you – that is how I perceive it when I am primarily one with the sphere (the emptiness) and not with my own Self.

Dear Izabela,
I was able to be with you again, to experience your touch and let myself fall into your arms. I was surprised by the different beginning of your massage. But at the first touch I felt you, your hands, your warmth and I fell into tranquil relaxation and could indulge in it. You played me virtuosic like a piano. I wonder how you know or feel which strokes need to follow each other to achieve utmost pleasure. Your touch is so special and so unpredictable in its order; I couldn’t have wished for more. You are an artist – respect!
I leave you fulfilled, richly rewarded and completely relaxed; but also with larcenous delight to carry away something new in my heart. Every day since then, I feel this joy and tranquillity and I feel the warmth I experienced with you.

Dear Izabela,
That was a really astonishing experience this evening!
Kind regards,

Dear Izabela,
Thanks again for the heavenly massage and the interesting conversation with you. When I was on my way home, or let’s say while I was remembering this energy massage, something fascinating took place inside me – it has moved me on tremendously.

My massage experience with you.
Dear Izabela,
I’m still under the profound effect of our encounter, which was much more intensive than I expected. Your personality, your demeanour and your clear words radiate an incredible amount of tranquillity, love and maturity – I was deeply touched and perhaps also fascinated by them.
After your massage, I find it hard to use the word ”massage“. It sounds so shallow. I still feel fulfilled, much calmer – actually resting within myself. It was unbelievably pleasurable: your touch and your presence. I have never felt my hands, which I use all the time, being touched so tenderly and intensively as well as feet and ears and the numerous strokes I have never experienced before. I suppose I was stunned while we were drinking tea afterwards – I felt like I was slightly drunk, but somewhat withdrawn and observant. Maybe I was talking nonsense – I can’t remember!
Indeed I followed your advice and have kept everything within me up to now - as a treasure, so to speak, which I don’t want to rob myself of. But it still seems I should share this experience.
Many thanks!
Izabela, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a good start to the New Year!


Hello Izabela,
Today you helped me rediscover myself and I spotted abilities I didn’t know I had before. Thanks for that!!
Dear Izabela,
Is it possible to step up the tantra massages I have experienced with you, your wonderful body and your sensual hands? Up until yesterday I thought, “No, that is impossible.” I revised my opinion after our encounter yesterday. Yes, it is possible. I think my senses started floating. This sensual journey was, after 3 hours, unfortunately over much too soon.
I would like to say a heartfelt thank you again for the pleasurable and relaxing hours in a friendly, sensual, attentive and sensitive atmosphere. It was again an experience to see how you respond to my desires and feelings with every gesture, every touch and every word – some of which I didn’t even know I had before. Again, your affectionate and sensual tantric massage showed me a path to follow in the coming time when everyday life has caught up with me. If the energy you transferred to me fades away over the course of time, I am absolutely sure that this path will lead me back to you and another sensitive and sensual tantric massage.
I think a tantric massage lives from mutual giving and receiving and if I also sparked a feeling of contentment in you, then you made me a very happy person yesterday.
Dear Isa, many thanks again and a big heartfelt hug.
Namaste Jürgen

Massages at Izabela’s
Izabela knows how to play my body as if it were a musical instrument. It is the best medicine I can imagine to regain your enjoyment of life. She manages to rebalance everything again with her soft, gentle hands and her whole body.
Dear Izabela,
Unfortunately, there aren’t enough or even the right words to describe what I was able to experience and enjoy with and through you yesterday.
Again, your sensual massage was an emotional fireworks which you ignited inside me. Your warm and heartfelt welcoming, the extensive tantric massage with your sensitive hands and your beautiful body: from the first second up until the absolutely uncomplicated way the session was gently rounded off, this evening was another unforgettable experience for me.
You opened the door widely for “our” mutual world of tantra on that evening and I hope it remains open for a long while, preferably until our next encounter.
Dear Isa, I thank you and embrace you from the bottom of my heart


Dear Izabela,
It was the first time I came to you for a massage. You welcomed me und we had a little chat. We didn’t know each other – but within a short space of time, a very pleasant feeling of familiarity developed. Your massage was so affectionate, pleasurable, attentive and sensual. It opened my heart and made me feel happy and content. It is a shame that I had to reach 50 before I could experience this. To anyone reading this, I can only say, “don’t wait, do it”. I look forward to seeing and feeling you again.

Dear Izabela,
Your attentive massage and the energy you transferred to me, which still has a hold on me, has let me forget everyday life and carried me off into the world of tantra.
I was able to feel completely secure with you and enjoyed being touched by your hands and your beautiful body.
Every second of your 3-hour massage was a pleasure for all of my senses and every fibre of my body.
Your warm-hearted welcoming, the atmosphere at Izabela Tantra, as well as the completely stress-free rounding off of the session made this evening another actually indescribable experience.
I thank you, Izabela, and I’m already sure that I will let you carry me off into our mutual tantric world again and would like to repeat all of this soon.
A heartfelt hug from me.

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