Izabela Joos Wiesbaden Tantra Massage

Become loyal to your innermost truth. Follow the way when all others abandon it. Walk the path of your own heart. 

Sensual Tantra Massage - a journey of well-being leading to oneness and new energy for body, mind and soul.

Be happy in the here and now...because happiness is here and now.

Allow body, mind and soul to blossom sensually.

Feel the peace and calm. Warm up your senses, explore your sensuality and the forces within you.

The flow of your senses starts with an energetic purification process consisting of the five ChunQiGong elements.

My attentive touch will arouse your energies.

Everyday stress disappears, the waves of your energy flow through you.

Your journey of sensuality begins individually.

Your body is sensitized and your soul starts to “float”, the inner harmony between mind, soul and body is restored.

The Tantra massage works like a resonance from beyond your “beeing”.

BlumeAuthenticity, intensity, sensuality, peace, but also a lot of strength.
Holistic massages for the soul by Isabelle in Wiesbaden.

Immersing oneself in touch, perception and sensuality is important for Tantra. Some things remain unforgotten. Some things are newly discovered. A massage that brings out the sun. Sensual, tender and sensitive. Respectful, attentive and free. Charming and individual. Causing the soul to melt in an extraordinary and exciting fashion.

Izabela Joos