Tantra is...

Tantra is... dwelling in ecstasy beyond your Self ... reaching all the cells of your body.

In Sanskrit tantra means ... practice, extension, expansion.

Sanskrit is the language of the ancient Indian Holy Scriptures which are based exclusively on intuition and spiritual experience.

Spiritual wisdom is the heart of tantra practice.

Tantra massage is more than a massage; it is the source of the lust, where time and space dissolve. The chakras of the body are connected in the massage; images, feelings, memories are created. Lust develops. Positive energies: vitality, creativity, joy of life wake up and connect with the original power of love.

Tantra is .... indescribably and can only be explored. Give it a chance.

Tantra massage cannot be put into words. You can only feel and experience it.
Tantra is ....dwelling in the flow of love, lust, presence.

Awareness in every moment.

For me white and red tantra is an expression of holistic naturalness and instinctiveness.

They combine root and heart chakra and lead to intact originality in the massage.
Tantra leads to letting go thinking in stereotypes towards thinking outside the box.

Izabela Joos